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What fuels fitness is nutrition and our professional service through TrekFit will help you build fitness. Our company is dedicated to promote quality of life through Food, Fitness and Health. Well balanced nutrition and physical activities are the main components of our preventive care process.

It is our distinct privilege to Welcome you to TrekFit which aims at being the leading player in promoting health by integrating nutrition into fitness activities. TrekFit is a first class program that prioritizes its goal at providing a solid health foundation to promote quality of life. This website describes the many services we offer in building or maintaining a healthy lifestyle through TrekFit. Trekfit is owned and operated by a Registered and Licensed Dietitian who has extensive experience in primary care and various specialty care settings.

Our service stresses the critical role of nutrition and physical activities in the prevention of chronic diseases. We aim at promoting quality of life rather than providing you with a "quick fix" to whatever health problem that you may have. We do this by providing you with the basic foundation in building a healthy lifestyle. By understanding the calories and basic nutrients in the foods you eat can help plan a better way to control overweight/obesity and preventing or managing the adverse effects of chronic diseases, such as diabetes, kidney and heart diseases.

The Nutrition Corner section provides information or guidelines that serve as starting points in building your healthy lifestyle. We believe that the more information you can learn about food and nutrition, the more flexibility you can make in achieving a healthy lifestyle.

Our TrekFit Program provides you with the choice of personal service from a Registered Dietitian-Nutritionist with years of experience in nutrition and dietetics, and is a Licensed Dietitian in the State of Georgia. This program includes sessions that help you understand the likely impact of individuals foods, the general effects of carbohydrate, protein, and fat on blood sugar levels, on blood pressure; and the need importance of including the basic foods in your daily meals to have the nutrients that benefits overall health. Our approach emphasizes positive outcomes that help you achieve quality of life.

More importantly, our mission is to improve the lives of the people by leaving a legacy of goodness and good health. Attached to that mission is our "Promise" to Give Thanks to the Beholder and to our American Heroes. Our Promise - while we will provide a totally "free" service to the American Veterans of the Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF), and Operations Enduring Freedom (OEF), ten percent (10%) of our profits will be donated to the Wounded Warrior Project. It is our way of saying Thank you God for our American Heroes and God Bless the United States of America!

Why TrekFit? - TrekFit is a program offered by a Registered and Licensed Dietitian geared for Global Health, Fitness and Nutrition. Trekking means "be on the trail, or be on the move or walking." Walking is a form of aerobic exercise that can be easily integrated into your daily routine. Walking can significantly help build your cardiovascular fitness.

Running and walking are both excellent aerobic activities which promote weight loss, improve blood pressure control and cholesterol levels and decrease the risk of chronic diseases. However, walking is an easy type of physical activity which can be manageable by many people of different levels of physical health. Walking is also an enjoyable activity which can be a social event in the form of easy stroll around the park with a friend of family, or it can be an ardous trek on the mountain trails by avid hikers, and can be done all year long.

For beginners, walking can be an easy workout starter, especially for those with health or weight problems. A 5-minute walk daily can be a good start, which you can build up according to your tolerance and endurance and make it a part of your daily living. Walking benefits many people, especially those who are overweight or obese because it is a low impact exercise and it is less likely damaging to the joints in the lower extremities. It is important however, that if you have certain medical conditions that you must consult your doctor before engaging in any form of physical activity.

We hope that TrekFit can help you can start your journey to a healthy lifestyle. Setting up for your initial visit can be accessed via the "Services" tab which is near completion. Our Products section offers variety of items that may be appropriate to meet your needs. As mentioned, some pages are still being redesigned, but will be accessible very soon; and we appreciate your patience.

Blood Mountain
TrekFit History - TrekFit was born on the eve of the perceived new millenium (2000) atop Blood Mountain, Georgia. Driven by our desires to enjoy weekend with nature, we hiked up the Appalachian Trail towards the Blood Mountain summit. It was a night of tornadic activity where our fear for the world to end was out of sight, yet the wondering presence to be airborne by nightfall was gravitating our urge to get a good night sleep, as if it was our last. Waking up to the new millenium with an airplane sound made us realize that contrary to what others have feared for the world to end... Destination
Tray Mountain
Trekking - By being physically active, many chronic diseases can be prevented. Trekking can simply be walking your dog around your culdesac or at a nearby park with a self-managed pace. Trekking can also be as difficult as hiking in the mountain which involves acending to vertical elevation, bushwhacking a difficult trail and returning in a very steep descent. Contrary to routine activities at the gym, trekking is a therapeutic adventure where the nature's scene soothes the soul and the mind. Physical activity is essential in a healthy lifestyle, yet only half of the American population engage in any form of exercise. Destination

Nutrition - Why Nutrition? - It is not difficult to understand that disparity exists among the human fold. Hunger and starvation continue to challenge the survival of the poor and less fortunate people who continue to rely on limited food supply. Without realizing the importance of many different nutrients found in many different foods, the poor people will eat whatever is edible and available just to survive. And so, many suffer from poor health conditions, such as poor growth and development of the vulnerables. Among those are the very young, the pregnant and the very old. Destination


TrekBridge - is a TrekFit program aimed at bridging the gap between food and health. It is geared to change not only people's eating habit but influence them by changing their lifestyle and behavior relative to health. TrekFit's specially designed program takes up challenges to reverse the adverse effects of malnutrition. By using the TrekFit's first line defense against malnutrition, our clients will achieve a lifelong knowledge and ability to combat chronic diseases. Investing into the TrekFit program will provide a balancing act between the process of aging and quality of life by reversing or minimizing the effects of chronic disease. Destination

Amicalola Falls

TrekFit Resource - is a resource of information based on research findings and federal guidelines. It is intented to help you and your family create a pathway to improve health and achieve overall well-being. We hope that will give you a proper direction in making wise decision to make lifestyle changes. You can start by taking "baby" steps in making those changes. We will continue to make it easier for you to access the important information that you would like to hear from us. Trying to balance life by juggling good nutrition with family, work and everything else is a very challenging day-to-day task. Destination

TrekFit Calculator

TrekFit Calculator - allows you to calculate the total daily calories you should consume and the amount of physical activities that you should do in order to maintain a healthy weight and achieve optimum health. TrekFit's specially designed program takes up challenges to reverse the adverse effects of malnutrition. By using the TrekFit's first line defense against malnutrition, our clients will achieve a lifelong knowledge and ability to combat chronic diseases. By investing into the TrekFit program will eventually provide a balancing act between the process of aging and quality of life. Destination