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Why Choose TrekFit™

TrekFit™ is a first class professional nutrition service that prioritizes its goal at providing a solid health foundation to promote quality of life. This company is owned and operated by a Registered and Licensed Dietitian who has extensive experience in primary care settings, various specialty care settings, and health program management.

Our mission is to promote quality of life for mankind – it’s as simple as that! Our vision is to be the preferred professional nutrition service delivered interactively by an expert in nutrition and dietetics in order to produce quality of knowledge and understanding on how foods make up for what we are as individuals.  Our objectives are channeled through the different pathways that we use to produce healthful results that promote quality of life.  Our service stresses the critical role of nutrition and physical activities in the prevention of chronic diseases. We aim at promoting quality of life rather than providing you with a “quick fix” to whatever health problem that you may have. We do this by providing you with the basic foundation in building a healthy lifestyle. By understanding the calories and basic nutrients in the foods you eat can help plan a better way to control overweight/obesity and preventing or managing the adverse effects of chronic diseases, such as diabetes, kidney, cancer, and cardiovascular diseases.

Our TrekFit™ Program provides you with the choice of personal service from a Registered Dietitian-Nutritionist with years of experience in nutrition and dietetics, and is a Licensed Dietitian. This program includes sessions that help you understand the likely impact of individuals foods, the healthful benefits of complex carbohydrates, lean protein, and the likely impact of high fat and high calorie intake on blood sugar levels, blood pressure control and weight control. Our approach emphasizes positive outcomes that help you achieve optimum quality of life.
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Meet Our Nutrition Expert

Ofelia Mutia, MS.,RDN.,LD. – is a Registered & Licensed Dietitian with over 20 years of professional experience. In May 2017, Ofelia uprooted from her beloved Atlanta home and relocated to the beautiful canyon state. Although Arizona does not have RD licensing requirements, Ofelia maintains her credentials as a Georgia Licensed Dietitian. She was previously licensed in the States of Maryland and Florida while residing in those States. Her years of experience range from Primary Care settings, Critical Inpatient Care settings and Management settings. Most of her professional years have been dedicated to serve both the American men and women who were active military and Veterans.  Ofelia is now a Licensed Dietitian for the State of Nevada and is authorized to practice in that State.

Most of Ofelia’s hospital and clinical years were spent at several VA Medical Centers and a military hospital in the United States; while another five years were spent at several private hospitals in Florida, Maryland and South Carolina. She credits her clinical expertise to her former Dietetic Internship Director, Dr. Sydney Morrow for her patience and dedicated professional guidance; while she also credits her advanced learning from her former professors, Dr. Miriam Abernathy and the late Dr. Kailash Mathur.

Ofelia Mutia earned her BS Foods & Nutrition from Southwestern University in Cebu City, Philippines; while her MS Nutritional Sciences was earned from South Carolina State University; completed her Dietetic Internship at the VA Medical Center in Houston, Texas, and earned advanced nutrition credits from Texas Woman’s University.

As a seasoned dietitian, Ofelia has been able to pass on her legacy as a mentor, preceptor and adjunct clinical instructor. Her extensive years of private and government hospital experience equipped her with the outstanding skills as a Chief Clinical Dietitian, Clinical Nutrition Manager, and Health Systems Specialist. She is well-versed in the Patient Centered Care Model where Patient/Client is the main focus of her care and services she provides.

Ofelia’s latest experience was focused in Women’s Health and Management of Overweight & Obese Veterans. She is a strong advocate for equality in gender specific care while ensuring that all Veterans receive the best care they deserve. Her tenacity to help transform basic health care into quality health care validates her compassion and interest to serve our American Heroes by not leaving any Veteran behind.

Being a clinician has given Ofelia the overall satisfaction in her quest to make a difference amongst people’s lives. Rewarded by great attributes of compassion and tenacity, she takes so much advantage in maximizing the care that she gives to her patients or clients to promote quality of life. She believes that just so long as there is life, anything can be possible through proper nutrition.

Ofelia strongly believes that nutrition should be taught at early stage in life so that each child will have a better understanding on how to live a healthy lifestyle. It should start at a family dinner table where parents practice what they preach. It is a matter of training a palate not just on the taste of a food, but to flavor the food with texture and natural color so that adequate nutrients are consumed to build good health.

Ofelia is an active member of the Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics (AND)- the worlds largest organization of food and nutrition professionals. She is also a member of Nutrition Entrepreneurs – a dietetic practice group of the Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics, and the Arizona Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics