Consultants / Affiliates

Medical and clinical consultants are critical in today’s health consulting business. They provide key important roles in providing specialty care and support to our clients’ needs. Our consultants add value to our service because they provide expertise and skill set in their specific field. TrekFit can have an array of professionals that can bolster our clinical integrity and competence to meet our goal in providing our clients with that high quality of care. We believe in simply sharing of knowledge, wisdom and experience with a passion and enthusiasm to promote quality of life. By engaging out consultants in their specific fields, TrekFit can provide our clients with added real value, access to deeper levels of care and specialty.

In order to provide our customers with an easy access to specialized services relative to healthcare, we are taking TrekFit service to its new heights. One of the infrastructures we have created is our “Consultants/ Affiliates” which lists our trusted consultants and affiliates.


Diabetes Nurse Consultant

Lisa Graham, RN., BSN.,CDE. Lisa Graham RN,BSN, CDE is the President of Renew and Live and the Lead Educator. Lisa is a Registered Nurse for over 23 years, a Certified Diabetes Educator for the past 15 years. She has a strong passion for teaching diabetes education and a heart for service.  She enjoys each of the life journeys she takes with her clients and looks forward to helping them to Renew their Minds as they develop new habits and tweak old ones. She looks forward to counseling her clients on healthy ways and flexible approaches to managing their diabetes. Lisa shares our passion and enthusiasm to promote quality of life.

Lisa’s “big heart” is portrayed through her unending support for the community and providing others with pathways to promote business entrepreneurship. TrekFit is very fortunate to have her in our team. Her outstanding expertise in diabetes care and management can surely fulfill our efforts in providing our diabetic clients with quality of care. Learn more about Lisa by visiting her website


Medical Consultant

Karim Khan, MD is our Physician Consultant. Dr. Khan has many years of medical expertise including his full-time employment at one of the largest hospitals in Atlanta, Georgia. He oversees the Patient Safety Indicator (PSI) and Hospital-Acquired Condition Reduction program; teaches and promotes the healthcare quality and clinical performance improvement at the Grady Health System. Dr. Khan also serves as Assistant Professor on the Clinical Research Committee at Morehouse School of Medicine in Atlanta, Georgia.

Dr. Khan has many years of extensive experience in clinical research at Emory University Atlanta, Georgia. His research was in the discipline of Peripheral Cardiology targeting peripheral vascular disease. He was involved in various FDA pre-approved devices for their effectiveness in treating peripheral vascular disease in clinical research. TrekFit is very fortunate to have Dr. Khan in our team. He is brilliant, yet possesses an outstanding ability to help and care for others with kindness and compassion. To simply describe him – he is just “so humble and caring.” Dr. Khan graduated from St. Christopher College of Medicine, UK.


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