Home Health & Hospice Nutrition

TrekFit™ is accepting nutrition referrals and consults for Home Health and Hospice clients from credentialed providers.  While we uphold our clients and their family’s wishes relative to health care, we also respect their need to maintain their quality of life to the very end.

Our Registered Dietitian Nutritionist works very hard to provide such quality of service.  By this token, we wholeheartedly honor our clients’ beliefs regarding their health care goals by providing them with a very supportive, unbiased and compassionate care and service.

Initial Visit = 60-90 Minutes

  • Family/Caregiver Involvement/Enrollment Intake Interview
  • Care Plan Review
  • Baseline Data & Anthropometrics
  • Nutritional Screening & Assessment
    • Feeding Modality
    • Labs (as appropriate)
    • Hydration Status
    • Skin Integrity

Follow-Up Visit = 60 Minutes

  • Reassess Overall Nutrition
    • Nutritional Intake/Feeding Tolerance
    • Review Changes in Anthropometrics/Weight Status (as applicable)
    • Labs (as appropriate)
    • Hydration Status
    • Skin Integrity


  • Communications with Family or Caregiver
  • Communications of nutrition care to referring physician/provider
  • Care Plan