Nutrition Referrals

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Making Sense for Your Clients

As physicians or primary care providers, you are the expert in your field.  You have practiced and cultivated your skills at diagnosing the cause of your clients’ disease symptoms, determining the appropriate laboratory tests and orchestrating their treatment plans. Your expertise has sustained the health of a human being by properly identifying a client’s illness through medical diagnosis.

As clinicians, we both share a common goal in providing our clients with the quality of life through proper clinical care and intervention.  Ofelia B. Mutia, MS.,RDN.,LD. is our medical nutrition therapy practitioner for TrekFit™.  As the Nutrition Expert, Ofelia has years of experience and extensive training in properly identifying your clients’ nutritional and lifestyle issues.  Providing your clients with the appropriate nutrition diagnosis, we can work together in collaborating with their treatment plan.

You are not just referring your clients to a nutrition clinic, but you are referring them to a nutrition expert who is well-versed in the Patient-Centered Care Model.  We utilize both the multidisciplinary approach and interdisciplinary approach while ensuring family involvement and interactions so we can successfully provide the life-saving therapies.  This will enhance everyone’s expectations in achieving the client’s goals.  We utilize tools appropriate and age-specific to promote acceptance to treatment plans and secure compliance. We help our clients celebrate in achieving their milestones while improving or modifying treatment plans as necessary and appropriate to continue aiming for success.

TrekFit™ is not just another “diet for hire” but an absolute service dedicated to make a difference among people’s lives.  Our care involves transitioning our clients into a better lifestyle that enable them to function their activities of daily living.  Our disease management and preventive approach will enhance the opportunity to control the clients’ disease symptoms so they can enjoy quality of life.

As we all know that an improved blood pressure can certainly help prevent the risk for heart attack or stroke; while an improved blood sugar level can help save a diabetic person’s limbs. Your referrals can mean a whole lot of inspiration for other clients as you are not giving up on their health no matter how early or chronic the onset of their diseases.

Our aim is not to “hope for the best” but work together so our clients can achieve the best results – and that is QUALITY OF LIFE!

Please download our Referral Form.