TrekFit TeleHealth

TrekFit TeleHealth

The remote access to nutritional care via telecommunications technology is another way  that we work very hard to enhance quality of care given to clients.  TrekFit is aware of the critical need to reach those clients in the rural areas, and by utilizing TrekFit TeleHealth as our long-distance treatment modality, we can now provide our clients with nutritional care and professional health-related education in the comfort of their own home.

Once a client is enrolled, a “face-to-face” initial visit with the Registered Dietitian Nutritionist is made to conduct comprehensive nutritional screening and assessment.  Then a portal link will be provided to the clients with information about the program and follow-up process. Clients can stay “plugged in” via video connection during each nutrition session and can reach their Dietitian provider directly and receive continuity of care.


Phase 1:  Face-to-Face Session = 90 Minutes

  • Comprehensive Nutritional Screening & Assessment

Phase 2:  TeleHealth Sessions = 30-45 Minutes

  • Follow-Up Nutrition Care