TrekBridge 2

 TrekBridge ™ 2 – is a TrekFit Corporate/Group Wellness program with comprehensive group nutrition & wellness sessions designed to engage employees in behavioral change that positively result in productivity and efficiency. Recognizing the monumental costs of healthcare, this program is aimed at improving employee health and reducing corporate burden.

It is a high quality preventive health care service delivered at your corporate or office location. The program focuses on developing therapeutic alliances with clients. Our program agenda aims at ensuring that clients learn how to practice and manage disease prevention by understanding the relationships between behavioral health, physical fitness and nutrition to help them identify the barriers in achieving healthy lifestyle.


Partnering with a nutrition expert on disease prevention through workplace health promotion program can help save corporate healthcare dollars.  Such program can motivate employees in taking more responsibilities about their health and livelihood.  Corporate wellness program should consists of health-related educational services particularly nutrition education provided by a credentialed nutrition practitioner, namely a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN).  RDNs utilize evidence-based programming to reduce employees’ changeable health risks associated with chronic diseases, such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, diseases of the kidneys, and cancer.

A PubMed report showed the “hard return” on employee wellness program.  For example, between 1995 and 2010 a primary field research was conducted to study the benefits of wellness program of Johnson & Johnson company.  The results showed that more than 2/3 of their employees quit smoking while the number of employees who suffered high blood pressure and/or who were physically inactive declined by more than 50 percent.  Their company health promotion program includes nutrition education, weight management, tobacco cessation, stress management, onsite fitness, and other services.  They are now committed to being a “healthy company” which gave the “hard return” via reduced corporate healthcare dollar costs.  This is because an average company provide health insurance coverage to more than 50% of their employees.   A 2009 study indicated that in the absence of wellness program, a corporation would spend an average of than $28,000 per employee for health care by 2019.  For this reason, companies are now more proactive in employee health promotion programs to curtail health care spending.


 TrekBridge ™ 2 – consists of 2 Phases with duration of 90 minutes each session. Each package consists of the following:

Phase 1:  Nutrition & Fitness Sense = 90 Minutes

  • Nutrition & Fitness-Related Seminars,
  • Pre-Test & Post-Test
  • Nutrition-Related Activities

Phase 2:  Interactive Phase = 90 Minutes

  • Calculating & Analyzing Body Weight
  • Estimating Calorie Needs
  • Meal Planning & Menu Writing



Choices of Seminar Topics:

  • Nutrition, Food & Health
  • Understanding Nutrients
  • Grocery Shopping Sense
  • Understanding Nutrition on Food Labels
  • Understanding Servings
  • Safeguarding Blood Pressure
  • Understanding Diabetes

**Trekfit Activities (Personal Wellness Option)

Depending on the chosen session you choose or your employer has chosen for you, the complexity of learning objectives will be delivered accordingly and a follow-up session will be made to ensure continuity of care.  Individual client counseling is offered at a different time at TrekFit office setting with a different fee, and with the use of TrekBridge ™ 1 modality.