TrekFit Approach

Fitness is Fun!

TrekFit™ Approach – is preventive care approach. This approach follows the Patient-Centered Care principles. It focuses on the needs of the client while empowering them with reliability and responsibility of their health outcomes. It is our strong belief that client empowerment generates full commitment to adhere to therapy being given. The way we ensure a well received communication is by beholding our clients with shared values in how they perceive care. We take serious consideration in how we deliver our language in order to produce clear understanding by both parties. This will create mutual respect between the giver and the receiver.

Clients are provided with extensive education to infuse competency in managing their health and be proactive participants in their preventive care process. Follow-up care will be installed to monitor progress, assess gaps and suitability of activities assigned. Behavioral issues are reviewed on ongoing basis in order to reinforce sustainability and commitment. Challenging issues are discussed between the client and therapist to determine possible need for behavioral specialist case referral.

Communicating Wellness

According to researchers, contemporary theories of health communication no longer conceptualize that patients are universal and rational receivers of care and information. They theorized that patients are complex individuals who envision very personal and unique meanings about health and disease. Sharing other expert clinicians’ beliefs that trusting the information given to us by our clients is the key to understanding the full scope of the patient’s issues that affects their overall therapy.

The TrekFit™ approach includes strategies modeled from the guidelines and standards as set forth by the National Institutes of Health (NIH),  the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the MOVE! Weight Management Program of the Department of Veterans Affairs’ (VA) National Center for Health Promotion and Disease Prevention (NCP) . We maximize combination of nutrition educational strategies to promote clients’ behavior and lifestyle changes. We utilize patient-centered care principles to ensure high quality of care is given to all our clients.

Aim Your Goals

TrekFit™ aims at facilitating clients health improvement by reducing identified barriers while equipping them with the essential skills and knowledge to sustain quality of life. This can be derived from meaningful positive outcomes, such as improved blood pressure and blood sugar levels. Change in behavior is strongly encouraged in order to achieve your health goals.  Family involvement is fundamental in our clients’ success while networking or collaboration with friends and colleagues can also enhance enthusiasm to make a progressive lifestyle change.

First and Foremost – We first encourage our clients to examine themselves through the some challenging questions during our intake interview.  Some of the questions may include – Are you physically active or thinking about being more active? How do you describe your eating habit? Good/Fair/Bad or Have you been trying to cut back on less healthy foods? Are you thinking of changing your eating habit for the better but having difficulties in staying with these changes?

People say “Old habits die hard” which is most of the time, true! However, changing our habits is a process that involves several stages.  Changes that become new habits are so difficult which take place over time that involve many challenging roadblocks along the way. However, our aim is to help our clients achieve a quality of life, and that is – health and wellness.

As the National Institutes of Health said that adopting new, healthier habits may protect you from serious health problems like obesity and diabetes. New habits, like healthy eating and regular physical activity, may also help you manage your weight and have more energy. After a while, if you stick with these changes, they may become part of your daily routine.

With our professional care and guidance, we aim at assisting our clients achieve the following basic objectives:

  1. Clients will be able to elicit their personal story
  2. Clients will verbally demonstrate their quest and plan to explore health benefits
  3. Clients will have flexibility to negotiate their TrekFit™ plan to suit their lifestyle.