Eat to Live

The human body is made up of trillions of cells. Each cell’s most important need is for energy (fuel), oxygen (for burning), and water (as the living environment). The nutrients that must come from food are very important components to build these cells. So, how do we contrast nutrition to life? The beginning of a lifecycle is at embryotic stage where multiplication of specific bodily functions takes place. We are talking about blood cells, kidney cells, nerve cells, etc.

With the demand for rapid growth of a human life, it is imperative that nourishment synchronizes with such demand. This is where nutrition plays its critical role in all living cells. The need for nutritional nourishment can range from a growing fetus to an elderly person. Having a balanced diet is so important especially for growth and development of a child. The need for nutrition continues as we age because there is a great turnover of cells and tissues as the body undergoes through several cycles of life. Nourishing the body necessitates a wholesome diet that contains the essential nutrients because no single food will supply all the nutrients that the body needs. For as long as there is life, nutrition is essential to keep the body alive and well.

To simply contrast, the human body needs for nourishment in order to stay alive is just like providing regular maintenance to your motor vehicle to keep it in good running condition. Besides having gasoline to an automobile, it is also important to ensure that the fluids are at adequate and normal levels. The automobile can not just run with gasoline alone, it must have those important elements, such as the engine oil, fluids for transmission and radiator and alike.  So in contrast, the provision of adequate nutrients to the body is so important as nourishments for the body to function at its optimum.

Ofelia B. Mutia, MS.,RDN.,LD.