Biogenetics & Public Health

There is a nagging question as to how safe are the foods from commercially grown sources versus organic sources. The synchronization of advancing science and technology promoted the use of biogenetic alteration of naturally grown foodstuffs. Because of the supply and demand, farmers and suppliers have embraced “high-tech” form of commercialized farming.  So, how do consumers know which way to go and what product to choose from? Do organic products give you 100% of the health benefits versus the GMO products? The online access to the worldwide web sets almost all of our daily agenda as a society.  So much of what we do are now dependent on the use of technology. However, so much of the information are also given worldwide by the fingertip clicks.     Read More


Head & Neck Cancers

Photo Credit: Doctors TV Show

Head and neck cancers involve the mouth, tongue, nose, pharynx and larynx. Because of their aggressive nature, treatments are usually very intensive and brutal. Educating head and neck cancer patients can be a melancholic stance. That is because this type of cancer has a well-known and well-established causes or risk factors – alcohol and tobacco. The good news is that they are highly preventable because these risk factors are acquired acts that can be stopped or changed.

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Over-The-Counter Drugs

There is an increasing concern on the use of Over-the-Counter (OTC) supplements and Herbal Remedies because these products are not regulated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The use of OTC supplements and herbal remedies by Americans is becoming a part of the daily household purchasing.

As a health care professional, I would caution everyone on the use of OTC supplements and herbal remedies. Because it is non-regulated, suppliers of these products can use “miraculous” words on the labels.
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Obesity – Health Consequences

The obese population in the United States has become the most important group of people that heightened the interest of clinicians.  The fact that obesity has steadily increased in the past three decades, this means that we as a country, are facing a tremendous financial burden.  The reason is that obesity leads to high blood pressure and diabetes which are the leading causes of  heart disease and kidney failure.  Categorizing obesity as a disease can easily be justified because of its cascading adverse effects on health.

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